Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketing Certification Course – Review

Many people will think getting a certificate for this or that, will enable them to land that dream job as a consultant for some big company that will pay them thousands of dollars a month. There are some jobs where having a certificate is necessary. Insurance Agents need one, Real Estate Agents need their certificates as well. As an Internet Marketer, I don’t think they are necessary. I could go into tons of detail about what it would take to land one of those big company jobs but lets just suffice it to say, your own web presence will be your biggest asset, if that is what your after.

Ryan Deiss is a very good teacher and an internet marketing Guru to many online marketers. I love what he does.ryan deiss This is in no way meant to belittle him.

Ryan has a Digital Marketing Certification Course that he sells online for $495 that I was going to write a review about today. I’ve decided to go in another direction and let you hear what David Boozer has to say about it. He say’s it a lot better then I could. Listen at about the 5:33 mark of the video. He mentions Wealthy Affiliate, a product I highly recommend if you want to build a web presence of your own. Now go ahead and watch the video, then come back here and check out what I have to say about Wealthy Affiliate.

Click this link to see the video http://davidboozer.com/review-of-the-ryan-deiss-digital-marketer-certification-courses-does-the-certification-really-help/

PRODUCT NAME: Content Marketing Mastery
Overall Ranking: 2/5
Price: $495
Owners: Ryan Deiss
Website: http://www.digitalmarketer.com/products

According to Ryan this is: Who Should Get Certified?

Business owners (both online and offline)

Startups and fast-growth companies

CEOs and Marketing Executives

Agencies and marketing consultants

Students who want to acquire in-demand skills

…anyone who wants added credibility and an objective sense of accomplishment.

You can see Ryan’s products here if you like, just don’t forget to come back before you buy anything. I want you to do a little comparison shopping here.

Now let’s move on to Wealthy Affiliate.

PRODUCT NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 4.5/5
Price: Starter $0.00 (FREE)                                                                                                                                                                             Premium $47/month

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

  • Business owners (both online and offline)
  • Startups and fast-growth companies
  • CEOs and Marketing Executives
  • Agencies and marketing consultants
  • Students who want to acquire in-demand skills
  • …anyone who wants added credibility and an objective sense of accomplishment.

The same people Ryan’s programs are for hmm…

Starter Membership

Here’s a short list of what you get with Wealthy Affiliate. As a Starter Member:

  • 2 websites (up to 25 available)
  • Step by step training
  • A great community of like minded people

That’s right Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 websites. Your websites will NOT be the same as everyone else. They will be your websites. You will build them. That’s where the step by step training comes in to play.

And guess what, it doesn’t stop there. My friends Kyle and Carson will not only teach you how to build your website, they’re going to teach you why your doing what your doing. For example: Kyle says (in video training), “Now we’re going to build your Product Review Page. When you write a product review this is where you’ll post it.” This is to help you keep your site organised.

Next we have a great community of like minded people. Although getting 2 (free) websites is cool, and the training is awesome. The community of people there are out of this world.

I can hear it now. Your thinking, “But I don’t know how to build a website.” We’ve got you covered in Wealthy Affiliate. As I said earlier the training is step by step. If however, you do get stuck. You can ask for help. That’s what the community is for. We all love helping. When you ask a question, someone will be there to give you an answer. It might be Kyle or Carson, (The Owners) or someone else within the community. Shoot it might even be me. The point is there will always be someone around to help you out.

Premium Membership

After a while, you may decide you want to go premium. Premium membership is the paid side of Wealthy Affiliate. Before I go on I must tell you Premium is not mandatory. You can stay starter for as long as you like.

As I said Premium is the paid side of Wealthy Affiliate at just $47 a month. I think you will be hard pressed to find a better deal. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get as a premium member.

  • Websites (up to 50 available)
  • Your Own Domain Name
  • Advanced Training
  • A great community of like minded people

With the Starter Membership you get 2 websites and you’ll have up to 25 available. With Premium Membership we’ll double that. You can have up to 50 different websites. Oh, and by the way, hosting for your sites, that’s included in both packages. You may not need 50 sites right now but isn’t nice to know they are there.

With Premium Membership you can also get your own domain names for your sites. My domain name for this site is MY AFFILIATE MASTER. Of course it would be typed in without the spaces. This is great when it comes to branding yourself as an authority within your niche.  You’ll learn all about this in the training. You’ll be able to get you domain name at Wealthy Affiliate.

The training you get as a Starter Member is more than enough to get you started but, if your anything like me, you’ll want to go farther. For instance: Do you know what a keyword is? A keyword is what someone types into the search bar when they’re looking for something on the internet. If you want to get some golf clubs then you might type in “golf clubs” to find what your looking for. As an internet marketer we need to get a little more specific.  People that play golf and are looking to buy a new club know exactly what they want. I don’t know much about golf myself but, if I wanted to write a post to sell golf clubs, I would do some research to find out what golf clubs people that play golf are looking for. And because of the training I’ve gotten as a Premium Member I now know how to find keywords that will help me do it. Finding keywords is just one of the many things you’ll learn about in the advanced training as a Premium Member.

Remember that “Great community of like minded people” I mentioned earlier? You’ll be happy to know, you’ll still have access to them. As a Premium Member you may still have times when you get stuck. Won’t it be nice to know the experts are still there waiting to help?


In conclusion, I’d like to say that although I admire Ryan Deiss as an internet marketer I can not recommend his Digital Marketing Certification Course. It just seems to have to many flaws, one of which would be support.

I have other products from Ryan and they are very good but if I need support on any of them I have to send an email somewhere. It could take days to get an answer. I don’t have time for that. Sorry Ryan your Digital Marketing Certification Course just doesn’t cut it.

On the other hand though, I think Wealthy Affiliate would be a perfect fit for anyone that is just getting started online. With the community there’s no need to wait for, what might be days, to get an answer through e-mail. The answers are right there usually within minutes. If not, as a Premium Member, you have the ability to private message Kyle or Carson. Who better than the owners to get answers from?

Finally my recommendation is to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. CLICK HERE and sign up for free NOW!!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you soon.






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  1. Britt

    Hi Michael,

    I really appreciate your post as I am in the process of starting my own online affiliate business. I too am wary of ‘certifications.’ I have many of them in the Information Technology industry myself, but I know that they are really only paper if your skills are not up to par. Unfortunately it sounds like the Digital Marketing course is more about upsells than it is about educating users to start an online business. That is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate: No upsells!

    Thanks again, Britt

  2. Linda

    Hi Michael, I joined Wealthy Affiliate, in August 2015 and don’t regret it. There is so much information out there and so many high priced programs you can really get confused between what is good and what you don’t need. Information overload can be harmful.

    Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to focus because it is such a good foundation. Step by step you come closer to your goal, and before you know it you have a profitable business. I now have five websites which supply me with added income in my retirement.

    My advice, dear reader, is you should join this great community and learning platform. Follow the courses, learn, work, improve, don’t give up, if you get stuck, always ask for help. First work on your website, then there will be plenty of time for networking and chatting with the community.

    I have met so many awesome people here, many of them experts! Hope to meet you soon, see you on the inside! 🙂 Best of Luck!

  3. Jeremiah

    This post is very informative. It drives straight into the concept of making money online in a very unique way. I have tired wealthy Affiliate and will highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks for the information. Now, we can make the right decisions.

    • Michael Widger

      Hi RikaSF,
      No, the Starter Membership is free so there is no need for a credit card.
      If you decide to go Premium, Which I’m sure you will once you see how much more you get.
      Then you will need to provide your credit card details.


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