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When was the last time you did keyword research? If your into internet marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other type of marketing online you know how important keyword research is. You may also be wondering why I titled this post “Online Keyword Ranking Tool” instead of “Online Keyword Research Tool”. The answer is simple. I use the keyword research tool to find keywords that are easy to rank for. I did a search for free keyword research tool. This was the result.
free keyword research tool 648 111 361

The numbers mean there are 648 searches for this each month. 111 is the number of visitors you could get to your website if you could get first page rankings for this term. That leaves 361, a very important number. This is the QSR (Quoted Search Result) or the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.


I used other keywords that came up using the keyword research tool provided by Jaaxy to drill down a bit farther and found “Online Keyword Ranking Tool” and here are the results.

online keyword ranking tool 260 45 11

260 is the number of searches per month for this exact keyword phrase. 45 is the number of visitors you can expect on your website each month. Sure neither number is a big number, but remember, we’re talking free traffic Google will be sending and it’s very targeted. That’s great traffic. Now look at the QSR. 11. That means I only need to outrank 2 other websites to get onto the first page of Google. That’s Fantastic and shouldn’t be to hard either.

jaaxy logo 2

Are you looking to find high quality keywords for your marketing campaigns?  Go ahead and perform a search below to START your research.

Here are some of the most important metrics when looking for a “quality” keyword:

(1) Monthly Searches – These are the traffic numbers that you should concern yourself with.  I recommend that if you are going for natural rankings, that ANY traffic is a good amount of traffic.  When you rank under keywords your campaigns will grow cumulatively.

(2) KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign (PPC, SEO or otherwise).  If you have a quick way to determine keyword quality, you can efficiently perform research.

(3) QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the ULTIMATE competition metric.  This quickly gathers information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term.  If you aim under 400, you have a good chance of getting ranked (300 is ideal).  There are millions of these keywords out there and this is obvious when you have a tool that gives you this data.

(4) SEO Power – This determines whether or not a keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings.  If you can get rankings, you can earn money online…plain and simple! This is based on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and the keyword quality.  Makes for super efficient research.

In conclusion I would like to say I would recommend using the Jaaxy keyword tool. I’m sure you’ll find keywords that you can rank for tool. Like I said, I call it my  “online keyword ranking tool”.

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  1. Sean

    Great break down of keyword research! It’s for sure not as easy as some would think. I’ve used Jaaxy in the past and it’s a must have tool for keyword research!

    • Mike

      Your right Sean,
      Jaaxy is a great tool. The thing I like most is QSR. I find it pretty cool to know how much competition
      there is for a keyword before I spend the time writing a post I want ranked Google.


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