Doodle Kit-Free Website Builder- A Product Review

Many people are looking for an easy way to build their own website. Today I thought I would do a product review of a free product I found online.

Doodle Kit Review

Name: Doodle Kit
Price: There is a Free version,
Owners: Doodlebit, LLC
Overall Rank: 49 out of 100 (feeling generous)

Doodle Kit, Product Overview

Doodle Kit is a self-service website builder. This means you can use their product

to build your own website. It is basically the same builder you would get when buying

a hosting package from one of the many hosting companies.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • PRO #1 Easy to use (once you figure a few things out)
  • PRO #2 171 templates to choose from

The Bad:

  • CON #1 Most of the templates look the same. the only difference is color.
  • CON #2 No place to get help right away. They do have support where you send in a “support ticket”. I have no idea how long it takes to get an answer back.
  • CON #3 No training. This could be a problem if you’ve never built a website before.

Who is Doodle Kit For?

Doodle Kit might be for you if, you have experience building websites with this type of builder and have figured it out.

Doodle kit Tools & Training

With Doodle Kit you get the tools needed to build a basic website within the website builder.

The training is very minimal. They have a short video showing how to change the header, add content, add pages, and such, but as I said earlier, if you have problems with anything you have to send in a support ticket and wait for your answer. This could take hours or even days. Who has time to wait that long?

Doodle Kit Support

Here is a list of what is shown on the Doodle Kit support page.


  • How to Link Social Media
  • Building Your Website: 5 Things To Get Started (The only video I found 3:11 long)

HOW TO…pexels-photo old man

  • How To Insert an HTML Widget
  • Quick Tip: How to Insert A File, Document, PDF
  • Quick Tip: How to Add a Table
  • Quick Tip: How to Change Font Size
  • Quick Tip: How to Create More Than One Website
  • Quick Tip: How to Insert Audio Files

See all 17 articles


  • Why is my credit card declining?
  • How to Cancel or Downgrade your Website
  • How to Upgrade (and Its Benefits)


  • How to Link Your Existing Domain Name to Doodlekit
  • Edit Your DNS Settings With the Doodlekit Domain Tool


  • How to Make Money with Your Website
  • Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Web Topics Glossary
  • 10 Steps to a Successful Local Business Website


  • How to Use the Form Builder(Example Sign Up)
  • How to Build an Online Store
  • Template Design Tools: General – Body Settings
  • Template Design Tools: General – Core Design Options

These are all short blog posts with very little detail.

The support offered is a ticket system. There is no community,

forum, or personal support that I could find.

Do the owners support it? I highly doubt it.

Doodle Kit Pricing:  There is a free version.

Simple version which is $10 / month Billed Annually or $14 month-to-month

The Business version is  $24 / month Billed Annually or $29 month-to-month

The Advanced version is $40 / month Billed Annually or $49 month-to-month

Of course there are a few more features you get with each upgrade.

My Final Opinion of Doodle Kit

You basic, run of the mill, website builder with nearly non-existent support.

Doodle Kit at a Glance…

Name: Doodle Kit

Owners: Doodlebit, LLC
Price: From free to $49/month
Overall  Rank: 49 out of 100 (feeling generous)

This is my product review for the Doodle Kit website builder. If you would like a better way to build your website check out my product review for Wealthy Affiliate.






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  1. Linda

    Hi Michael, I enjoyed your post titled “Doodle Kit-Free Website Builder- A Product Review.” This sounds like a very involved web builder. The support sounds excellent, although you say you can not get an answer right away. How long have they been in business? I had never heard of this web builder and I appreciate your review.
    Best of Luck,


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