Building A New Business Online-Can It Be Done For Free?


maintenance-1151314_640Building a new business online is one thing but, building it for free is another. Why? Because there are so many different types of business’. One thing every business online has in common is a website, and if your ready to start building a new business online, you’ll need one to. I can help with that. I use Wealthy Affiliate to build mine. (more on that later)

Here is a list of the most common tools needed to start an online business;

  1. A Website:
  2. Products:
  3. Merchant Account:
  4. Auto Responder:

The list above could be longer depending on your specific business needs. Let’s go over each item in a little more detail so I can show you how to get them absolutely free.

A website allows you to sell more than one product thus giving your customers choices. Even your local donut shop doesn’t sell just plain donuts. They have many different kinds of donuts to give their customers choices, thus selling more donuts.

There are many different website builders available online. Most of them are either paid or come with restrictions. For example Go Daddy and Hostgator are two hosting companies that offer a free website builder IF you buy one of their hosting packages. I believe that if you have to buy something from them, their website builder is not really free.

When it comes to products to sell on your new website I’d recommend sticking with products you know. What I mean by that is simply, it’s much easier to sell something you know about. Are you a Flower Gardener? You could write a short book teaching other people about Flower Gardening and sell it on your website. You also know what tools someone would need to have if they want to become a Flower Gardener. You can sell them those tools through your website as well. No matter what your hobby is, there are products you can sell to others.

What’s that? You don’t have a hobby? No problem. There are still thousands (if not millions) of products for you to choose from, that can be sold online. It’s known as affiliate marketing. Not sure what that is? You can read my post “Introducing Affiliate Marketing”. Basically though, it’s selling other people’s products and getting paid a commission.

That brings us to “Merchant Account”. A merchant account is something you need in order to accept payments from your customers if you’re selling physical products that you ship. You also have to keep all the information you gather from your customers safe and secure. This means making it so intruders can’t get your customers credit card information, address, or even there email address. Getting all this done will cost money and take time to get set up. I would suggest using Pay-Pal to accept payments from your customers if your going to be shipping your own products. Pay-Pal is free to set up and they only get paid if you do. To find out more click here!

If you’re selling affiliate products you’ll get paid through the affiliate program you signed up for. For example: Do you need a blender?


                        Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610)

Price: $79.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members | Fast, FREE Shipping with Amazon Prime

If you click on either the highlighted word BLENDER above, or the picture of the blender you’ll be taken to Amazon’s page where you can purchase this blender. I would be paid a commission on that sale because you would be buying it through my affiliate link. Want to find out more about Amazon’s Affiliate program? Click Here! This is not an affiliate link.

Finally that brings us to the Autoresponder. An autoresponder is a tool used to keep in touch with your customers. It gives you the ability to send them emails. How about another example: If you bought the blender above I would have sent you an email thanking you for the sale and asking you to sign up for my email list in order to find out about other products I have available for your home. If you sign up, I can then send you other emails promoting different products. An autoresponder gives you a way to do this automatically so your not writing emails all day long. 

Most autoresponder companies will give you 30-60 days to try their autoresponder before you have to pay them. Aweber is offering a 30 day free trial but why chance it? Mailchimp, in my opinion, is a much better deal if you’re just starting out. You can have up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per month for free. That means, if it takes you longer than 30 days to build your list to more than 2,000 subscribers, so what. It’s possible it could take you months to build a list that big. The point is Mailchimp isn’t going to be charging you for that time.

Okay, I’ve told you how to find products you can sell on your website. I’ve shown you how affiliate marketing works and suggested using Pay-Pal for collecting payments from your customers. I’ve even let you know about Mailchimp so you can keep in touch with your customers. Everything I’ve told you about here is free so the only thing left is building your website.

I’ve even got you covered with a great option for building your website absolutely FREE! 

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I use to build all of my websites and I highly recommend them to other people wanting to build a new business online. Why do I promote Wealthy Affiliate? It’s not because I’ll make a ton of money if you become a free member. I promote Wealthy Affiliate because it works. My friends Kyle and Carson have done and excellent job of putting their site together and did you notice I said you could become a FREE member.

That’s right I’m inviting you to join Wealthy Affiliate absolutely Free Join me and you’ll get a step by step program to help you get your website set up in no time. As I said the training is step by step but it also includes small tasks for you to do. Almost every lesson has a video walkthrough for you to watch as one of the owners (Kyle) shows you what to do. The task is you doing what he showed you in the video. See my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here. If you happen to get stuck anywhere along the way I’ll be there to help you out. By the way, if you decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and join as a free Starter Member today, I want to offer you the following bonus if you become a Premium Member (just $49/mo) within your first 7 days.

  1. I’ll give you a 59% discount on your first month. (Just $19)
  2. My Diamond Traffic Program (the key to free traffic)
  3. My personal Help (you’ll be able to send me a private message whenever you need help)

This is my quick start bonus package and will only be available to you for your first 7 days as a FREE Starter Member.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today as a Free Starter Member and test it out. You can stay a free member for as long as you want so there’s no pressure,  but you’ll loose my bonus package after 7 days.

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