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Hey, I’m Mike and this is my story.




When I was a kid this is what a computer looked like.

Some took up an entire floor in a big office complex. Now we can carry them around with one hand.

Why do I tell you this? I just want you to know how much the world has changed.

I got my first real job in 1971. A dishwasher. Over the years I’ve worked in construction (roofing and siding) or in restaurants as a dishwasher or prep-cook. Nothing much more then minimum wage. I remember getting the Atari game console back in the late 90’s and having so much fun with my boys. They were still young then. In 2001 or 2002 I got out first computer. I remember saving for months to get it.

Today  (at 63 ) I’m amazed at what we can do with our computers, the things we can learn online, and the money that can be made. My goal here is not to be the first multi-millionaire in the family. My goal is to help you. If I can just help a few people start a business, and make enough money online to reduce their financial stress, I’ll be happy. If you’re ready to end your financial stress. Sign up for your Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership today. I’ll be there to help you. If you like you can view my profile page here.



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